The Future of Photography…is Hybrid. Will Crockett 2012 Tour.

Will Crockett

“The Future of Your Photography…is HYBRID!”

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Here is what you will learn about in this seminar:

• The latest in New Mirrorless Cameras

• Hybrid Photography: Shooting Still and Video Together

• The Ease of Sharing with Online Galleries

• Exploring eProducts

• Simplify your Shooting Process

Will Crockett, big dog photographer and photo technology expert, was recently abducted by a fleet of alien photographers needing help to make better images. Time traveling to the year 2020, these wide eyed shutterbugs teleported Will to a galaxy far far away where he was forced to learn the photo tools of tomorrow. Apparently, the aliens could not figure out wireless TTL flash either. On his way back to Earth, Will was able to “borrow” a few of these futuristic photo items with him to share with you (and the Pentagon of course). Join us for this far-out look at the amazing power of the imaging tools of tomorrow that are available today thanks to this courageous photographer, intergalactic educator, and entertaining speaker. Radiation suits optional.

Photography of the future is less fuss and more fun!  

Touch Space Age Camera Technology!

Small, gravity defying, low cost optical hybrid recorders (we call ‘em cameras) with out-of-this world photo and video performance. Artificial intelligence style auto functions for color, exposure, ISO, resolution that work light years better than our galaxies’ DSLRs. Will brings 4 different ones snatched right from the aliens sticky hands to show and shoot!

See Photonic Transducers!

Space age lightweight low cost rechargeable lights with adjustable brightness, and adjustable color for photo and video that provide 4 hours of atomic illumination from only one charge. So easy to use on camera, in the studio, or in a lunar crater.  

Engage with Futuristic Photo Files!

Will has learned how the aliens move images from their minds, to an optical response recorder, then transmitted through a wireless network that delivers moving pictures with depth, dimension, and meteoric impact. Not a photo, not a “video”, it’s an all new hybrid world where Moms rejoice over these flowing images they cherish and share through their intergalactic personal communicators. Will shows you how they make ‘em and share ‘em in 2020.  

And there’s more!

Photography is alive and well in the future and there’s a lot of changes coming that will make it easier, faster, less expensive and more fun to make and share images in 2D and 3D. Join the photographer of tomorrow Will Crockett for this fun and mind altering experience to see your future in photography – today.

Well known as a fun, lively presenter you can see his work at the popular Crockettville blog on, the Smarter Photographer videos on, the video segments on hybrid imaging basics on, and as the photo expert on GeekbeatTV.

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Will Crockett's 2012 Seminar Tour, The Future of Photography...Revealed!
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