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A Real Life Lumix G5 Mirrorless Camera Review

Written by Will Crockett on . Posted in Will Crockett

Photographer Will Crockett. Fuji X Pro 1 camera review.The SMARTER Photographers want to know if the Panasonic Lumix G5 mirrorless camera is the right one for them.  It’s the replacement for the popular G3 and is loaded with creative photo and video filter presets designed to create quality images with a sense of style. Using the wide line of Micro4/3 lenses from Lumix and Olympus as well as other brands, this little camera has some unique and attractive features for it’s $800 pricetag.  Is it worth the money? Could it be a replacement to your DSLR?  If you have a G3 or an Olympus PEN system, is this the camera to move up to?

    Shooting in Black and White

    Written by Mark Toal on . Posted in Mark Toal

    Shooting in Black and White by photographer Mark Toal for picturingHDView and capture your images differently in black and white. This in-camera setting lets you be more creative in your photography composition and lends itself to a whole new art form for the photographer. Take the challenge and expand your photography into the creativeness of shooting in black and white.

      Taking Off the Training Wheels

      Written by Jessica Wallach on . Posted in Jessica Wallach

      Taking Off the Training WheelsToday we are taking off the training wheels for those of you who have gone from a point and shoot to a mirrorless camera. We are going to start a series of videos on how to take the power of these mirrorless camera to get the photos you want. Today’s lesson is depth of field. Take control of your photos. Let me show you where to begin.

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